Hey Nujahzznation!

Welcome to Kei Dubb online – the ultimate Kei Dubb space in cyberspace. This is my very own “colourful creative world of music and musings!” 

Anything you would like to know about me can be found here! I work in music as a professional singer, and have been a ghost writer for many leading company blogs and websites over the years. Now, I am out and about, happily expanding the Kei Dubb brand and embracing all of life’s juicy bits!

I run this site along with the assistance of members of team Kei Dubb. I blog about my concerts, events, products, philosophies, life experiences and everything in between – the good, the bad, and some of the ugly.

When navigating this site, please pay attention to the following:

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Finally, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments all over this blog! I hardly take anything personally so relax, enjoy yourselves and let’s have some fun! When you next return to the site, bring a friend will ya!





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