The Business

Owned and operated by Kerri-Anne Walker who serves as the face and Creative Director, Kei Dubb is an internationally recognised arts and culture business and policy management, and music entertainment services brand based specialising in producing unique music products and exclusive live concert experiences and exploring the viability of new business models for independent practitioners in the creative economy.

Performing arts and beyond

Since its 2012 inception as performing artiste, Kei Dubb has continued to evolve its operation and offering. No longer just un nom du spéctacle, Kei Dubb has become a multifaceted arts, culture and entertainment brand with several ‘powered by Kei Dubb’ subsidiaries created to streamline the brand’s services and product offering. Such subsidiaries include Dubb Play-It, Kei Dubb LIVE!, The Short Girl Code, R.E.V.I.V.E. and Thrive, and Kei Dubb Daily.