Name your price: Beautiful ‘Beat n a Mic’ remix available for download

You’ve heard it on various streaming social media platforms and have told us how much you love it. Now the Beautiful Beat n a Mic/Drumapella remix is available as a digital single exclusively through the official Kei Dubb Bandcamp page. Now you can stream the single and purchase it for a price that you determine.

Of course, the LA Beatz dubstep vs. house remix is available as a free download through Bandcamp. Your email address will be required to access the free download and only a limited number of downloads are available each month.

We’ve made things easy for you by including the track right here in this post.

Happy listening!

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Kei Dubb
Kerri-Anne "Kei Dubb" Walker is a multilingual jazz-fusion musician, writer, and arts and culture management technopreneur. An astute business woman skilled both in the business and practice of the arts and entertainment, Kerri-Anne is the owner and face of Kei Dubb which manages her music entertainment and art/culture business management products and services through subsidiary trademarks and service marks.

As a consultant, Kerri-Anne inspires and equips performing and visual artists to quickly create a business blueprint designed to help them profit from their art without sacrificing artistic integrity. As an entertainer, she rocks stages and is known both for her unique sound and for hosting exclusive concert events.

Other passions include seeing to the development of cultural policy designed to support new creative industries business models and stimulate growth at the microeconomic and macroeconomic levels in developing Caribbean nations, long conversations over dinner and wine, and endless days at the beach.

Be sure to connect with Kerri-Anne all over social media at @keidubbnujazz.