Kerri-Anne’s work through brand Kei Dubb has been featured in a variety of media outlets spanning the globe. From national newspaper cover stories in her native Jamaica, to radio and syndicated television feature interviews in the United States and blogs all across Europe and the world, Kei Dubb is fast becoming a globally recognised brand and house hold name.


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Unsurprisingly, much of brand Kei Dubb’s recognition came from musical recordings and live concert performances. Over the years, brand Kei Dubb has partnered with talented DJs, producers, singers, musicians, and writers, to produce timeless recordings. As such, Kei Dubb recordings have included the release of one EP (with another on the way), several singles, mixtape records, drops, and more.


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A consummate writer, much of Kerri-Anne’s work through brand Kei Dubb involves putting pen to paper and crafting a variety of articles on topics including arts, culture, entertainment, lifestyle, personal and professional development, and business. Her writing has been featured in numerous publications and a book is underway for later this year.


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