Kei Dubb specialises in producing and performing a variety of exclusive, customised, and limited capacity, live concert events in her native Jamaica, and across the world. Steeped in the art of storytelling, Kei Dubb concerts are often themed and fuses pop, jazz and reggae and dancehall music to explore the wide range of emotions and governing the human experience. These themed Kei Dubb concerts are time-specific concerts planned each year, and  often include compositions and arrangements of new and existing music presented only once. Therefter, they can be enjoyed through DVDs and paid digital streaming via the official Kei Dubb concert hub. These exclusive concerts include:


A Valentine’s Day event, Love Stories LIVE! explores the vagaries of love and romantic human relationships using music – and only music. Love Stories LIVE! is not a play. Instead, it is a concert that borrows from the “dinner and a movie” date night concept to present a “cocktails and a concert” experience. Cocktails matching the theme of the concert story are served within the hour and a half period between when gates open and show-time. Importantly, Love Stories LIVE! uses all the different songs performed to tell one continuous story which starts with the opening note and ends with the final drum roll.

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Like Love Stories LIVE!, It’s Oh Kei is a themed concert event that uses music to convey broader messages. Unlike Love Stories LIVE!, however, It’s Oh Kei does not use topics such as love to form the basis of its theme. Instead, it uses the fusing of musical styles (pre-selected for that particular staging) to rework much of Kei’s existing music. Additionally, unlike Love Stories LIVE! (where one story is being told throughout the entire show), each song or medley performed in It’s Oh Kei tells its own story while the common thread remains the genres performed.

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In addition to themed concert experiences, Kei Dubb also performs on tour where new music and old favourites are re-presented LIVE! in your city as “Kei Dubb LIVE!”


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A name also synonymous with innovation and exploring new, profitable, and creatively sound business models for independent artistes and creatives in today’s creative economy, Kei Dubb also produces and hosts a few independent artists business workshops a year. These workshops include:

Revive & Thrive is a Kei Dubb created acronym used to simplify the business planning process for creatives in a language they can understand. The Revive & Thrive model helps artists and creatives get organised and create a Blueprint for success using business planning tools in a way that work for them and helps them further the impact of their creative work on their own terms. Revive & Thrive Digital which is an online creative business membership club that offers exclusive membership to 25-30 registrants each quarter of the year (maxium membership for a 1 year period is 120 persons). Revive & Thrive Digital members each gets their own name and profile and access to the following:

The course comes complete with:

  • 1 Art is Risky Business Business Planning PDF Cheat Sheet
  • 1 Ten-point Success Mindset Cheat Sheet
  • 14 programme module videos
  • 1 five-page special PDF report on the new economy
  • 1 PDF workbook complete with 12 fillable digital PDF actionable worksheets
  • 1 Programme Handbook
  • FREE Q&A forum
  • 1 Revive and Thrive Blueprint (digitally actionable + printable business plan template based on R&T model)
  • hour-long LIVE CALLS

There are also monthly exclusive business exclusives not available anywhere else. The entire programme and everything on the digital platform is designed to help artistes and creators move at their own pace while they access exclusive material and tools relevant to them.

*This program launches at the end of June 2017.