Conversations: discussing the Nexus of the Arts and Entrepreneurship

Striking the balance between creativity and business is often a challenge for the average artist hoping to be more than a hobbyist. In some cases, they can’t be bothered. In others, they simply don’t have the tools, or don’t think they have the tools. Truth is, artists have more resources than they realise. What is needed is practical steps and know-how.

About the conversation

On Tuesday, April 18, 2017 Kei Dubb will be hosting the knowledge at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in the seminar room as the creative community gathers for the Art is Risky Business: the Nexus of the Arts and Entrepreneurship. Conceptualised by the talented Laurice Griffiths, the seminar will touch on three main areas including developing the entrepreneurial mindset, identity branding, and pricing design. These three focus areas each have key variables that come together to help creatives make better, more profitable, business decisions. Even better is helping them to do so without compromising their art or their creative process. In fact, by carefully applying the variables highlighted in this seminar, creatives will be able to create and distribute/deliver their art in a more efficient manner and at a higher quality, as they will have the framework necessary.

Come out and join us!

If you will be in Kingston, Jamaica on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, then come and join the conversation at the Edna Manley College. We promise a focused and practical event that will leave members of the creative community able to apply what they have learnt and take the success of their art to the next level. The event is free to attend and we begin at 9.:00am sharp. If you must, feel free to RSVP at info[at] Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Kei Dubb
Kerri-Anne "Kei Dubb" Walker is a multilingual jazz-fusion musician, writer, and arts and culture management technopreneur. An astute business woman skilled both in the business and practice of the arts and entertainment, Kerri-Anne is the owner and face of Kei Dubb which manages her music entertainment and art/culture business management products and services through subsidiary trademarks and service marks.

As a consultant, Kerri-Anne inspires and equips performing and visual artists to quickly create a business blueprint designed to help them profit from their art without sacrificing artistic integrity. As an entertainer, she rocks stages and is known both for her unique sound and for hosting exclusive concert events.

Other passions include seeing to the development of cultural policy designed to support new creative industries business models and stimulate growth at the microeconomic and macroeconomic levels in developing Caribbean nations, long conversations over dinner and wine, and endless days at the beach.

Be sure to connect with Kerri-Anne all over social media at @keidubbnujazz.