A music entertainment and arts and culture business and policy management brand, Kei Dubb is home to several subsidiary brands affiliated with specific services and products within its offering. These brands include:


Kei Dubb LIVE!

Kei Dubb LIVE! produces all Kei Dubb concerts and tour content included Je Suis Kei Dubb/I am Kei Dubb (tour), Love Stories LIVE!, and It’s Oh Kei.


Dubb Play-It

Kei Dubb albums and records are available as ‘Dubb Play-It’ volumes. The first in the series Dubb Play-It Volume 1: The Reggae-Soul EP is currently available. Work on Dubb Play-It Volume 2: Metamorphosis is underway.


All Things Kei Dubb

Stay on top of all the Kei Dubb news from all over the world with the All Things Kei Dubb fan site and blog.


R.E.V.I.V.E. and Thrive

Independent creatives who are committed to earning well and remaining true to their authentic artistic expression will soon be able to benefit from this ‘plug n play’ program that allows them to focus their brand (artistically) and streamline their operations by implementing features of new business models in today’s creative economy.


The Short Girl Code

A business and lifestyle blog, The Short Girl Code is powered by Kei Dubb and dedicated to providing the average Joe and Jane with the tips they need to make smart career, business, and personal lifestyle changes.