A music entertainment and arts and culture business and policy management brand, Kei Dubb is home to several subsidiary brands affiliated with specific services and products within its offering. These brands include:



LIVE! is the free-to-consumers digital magazine created by Kei Dubb coming in June 2017.


Dubb Play-It

Kei Dubb albums and records are available as ‘Dubb Play-It’ volumes. The first in the series Dubb Play-It Volume 1: The Reggae-Soul EP is currently available exclusively on Bandcamp.


Revive & Thrive

Revive & Thrive is the name given to the specially creating business planning model for creators and artists created by Kei Dubb


The Short Girl Code

A business and lifestyle blog, The Short Girl Code is powered by Kei Dubb and dedicated to providing the average Joe and Jane with the tips they need to make smart career, business, and personal lifestyle changes.