Behind the music: The Making of Keep On

The very first recording I ever did was back in 2008 – a gospel track titled Keep On. I had initially recorded it for JProjek (remember him?) when he had just started Crossroots Records. The track never became anything more than a demo for several reasons, including my studio inexperience. In addition to being the first track I ever recorded, Keep On was also the first track I ever penned for an instrumental. Before this experience, I have only written music from my head and have musicians play when I sing live. I had zero experience with digital music.

So, what happened with the demo?

After I wrote the song, I went by Crossroots Records studios to record it. Let. Me. Tell. You… It was awful lol. My tone, notes, breathing, nothing was working. Still, I was able to lay the basic vocal framework for the song and had an ‘official’ demo on my hands.

Shortly thereafter, things started to go sideways at Crossroots Records and I was now in a position where I unable to use the instrumental for the official recording. That is when I contacted ‘3D’ a.k.a. Vermix of Vermix Records (called 3D-1 at the time). He agreed to build me a new track as well as record and produce the track. The rest, as they say, is history (man, I use this phrase a lot).

After the new instrumental was laid, I went back into the booth (for the second time ever) and recorded the vocals in about two hours. It was a lot easier the second time around.

When the time came to record my EP – Dubb Play-It Volume 1: The Reggae-Soul EP – I felt like I had come full circle. For starters, I was working and performing as Kei Dubb and was now ready to start building a catalogue of recorded music. Secondly, both Vermix and JProjek were instrumental in helping the project to come to life. It was only fitting, therefore, that as I prepared this short body of work that the very first record we worked on together be included as an unexpected bonus track.

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Kei Dubb
Kerri-Anne "Kei Dubb" Walker is a multilingual jazz-fusion musician, writer, and arts and culture management technopreneur. An astute business woman skilled both in the business and practice of the arts and entertainment, Kerri-Anne is the owner and face of Kei Dubb which manages her music entertainment and art/culture business management products and services through subsidiary trademarks and service marks.

As a consultant, Kerri-Anne inspires and equips performing and visual artists to quickly create a business blueprint designed to help them profit from their art without sacrificing artistic integrity. As an entertainer, she rocks stages and is known both for her unique sound and for hosting exclusive concert events.

Other passions include seeing to the development of cultural policy designed to support new creative industries business models and stimulate growth at the microeconomic and macroeconomic levels in developing Caribbean nations, long conversations over dinner and wine, and endless days at the beach.

Be sure to connect with Kerri-Anne all over social media at @keidubbnujazz.

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