Meet Kerri-Anne

Writer, producer, Jazz-fusion musician and performing artiste Kerri-Anne Walker is a self-professed “left-brained” creative. The Jamaican native is the brainchild and face of Kei Dubb – an internationally recognised arts and culture business management and policy, and live music entertainment services provider. Her commitment to excellence in both the creative practice and business know-how in the arts and culture sectors is widely respected and emulated.

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Kei Dubb

Kei Dubb is an internationally recognised arts and culture business and policy management, and live music entertainment services brand based in Jamaica specialising in producing exclusive live music events and exploring the viability of new business models in the creative economy.

The performing arts and more

Since its registration and inception in 2012, Kei Dubb has continued to evolve its operation and offering. No longer just un nom du spéctacle, Kei Dubb has become a multifaceted brand with several subsidiaries.

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Thanks to its far reach, Kei Dubb is home to a number of subsidiary brands (many of which have become standalone brands in their own right) designed to manage the vast array of products and services.  These brands range from concerts and musical recordings to books and business, economy, and lifestyle blogs and products.

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